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It is with great pleasure that Debug Magazine welcomes Andrew Dickinson, who is joining as our new Editor-in-Chief.

Andrew comes from the MCV/Develop award-winning Lost In Cult team, having been their Operations Director and the EIC of their flagship gaming journal [lock-on] for five volumes.

Retro gamers may also know him as a Dreamcast Junkyard team member, and author of the books Dreamcast: Year One and Dreamcast: Year Two.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to outgoing editor Dean Mortlock, who is now retiring from the industry after editing and writing for print magazines since 1989’s Sega Power. All enquiries regarding Debug editorial should now be directed to Andrew Dickinson.

It’s incredibly exciting to have Andrew on board as Debug continues to grow… We hope to continue championing the work of indie developers everywhere, and we look forward to bringing you Debug #4 on 21st January 2024!