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Two independent gaming companies are joining forces to launch a high-quality gaming magazine that’s solely focused on the indie gaming market. WAVE Game Studios, which has published a large number of new indie SEGA Dreamcast games since 2021, and Super8 Media, publishers of the popular gaming magazine, SEGA Powered, have united to launch Debug, a quarterly publication designed to help independent game developers and publishers get their titles seen by a passionate and focused audience.

Each issue of Debug magazine gives the reader a complete view of the indie gaming community, featuring reviews and previews for modern consoles and PC, as well as retro consoles/computers, and mobiles. Debug is a professionally produced magazine with very high production values, created by a team with decades of experience in gaming journalism, having worked for some of the UK’s best-selling and most respected gaming magazines.

Debug magazine is just part of a much bigger plan to promote indie gaming. For example, the upcoming OLL ’23 Video Games Convention in Norwich, UK, on 15-16 April will play host to the Debug Indie Showcase, which will exhibit a variety of indie games for both new and old platforms. There will also be a Dreamcast playable demo disc released for free in April this year under the Debug name. There are a number of additional plans in the works, which will be announced over the coming months.

The indie gaming market is growing, with 31% more PC and console gamers playing indie games in 2022 compared to the previous year (source: YouGov). Debug aims to be a valuable resource to help facilitate further growth in the market, as it will give editorial coverage to a range of games that otherwise might not be noticed in a crowded market. 95% of all games on Steam are indie titles and over 1,000 indie games were released on Steam alone during 2022 (sources: VG Insight).

Debug Issue #0Daniel Crocker, a director at WAVE Game Studios and publisher of Debug magazine, said: “After starting WAVE Game Studios and launching our first game, Intrepid Izzy, I quickly realised that what indies really need is exposure. Debug was founded with the singular goal of showcasing their work to what is, as it turns out, a highly engaged and passionate audience. Through in-person events, physical demo discs, and a growing online community, we have already reached thousands of excited gamers who are eager to learn more.”

Dean Mortlock, editor of both SEGA Powered and Debug magazines, said: “I’m very proud to have worked in the videogames industry for over 30 years now, and I strongly believe that the most interesting, passionate and creative titles are to be found in the indie market. Debug is a magazine made with the same passion.”

Debug magazine will officially launch at the OLL ’23 Video Games Convention in Norwich, UK, from April 15-16.



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