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Since launching Debug #1 back in April, the number one request from our wonderful readers has been “when can I subscribe?”

After considerable deliberation on how best to approach the logistics of this, we are finally delighted to confirm that both Digital and Print subscriptions are now live!

We are well aware that magazines don’t work the same way they did back in the 90s, so we’ve taken a slightly different approach which we think is both consumer friendly and logistically manageable for our small team.

Digital Subscriptions

Rather than charge up front for a set number of issues, we felt that the most consumer friendly approach was to replace the traditional subscription with an annual membership. You pay one set amount and gain access to every single issue of Debug for one year. The files are DRM-free and can be downloaded and used anywhere, and on any device you wish. If you choose not to renew once the year has ended, those DRM-free files are still yours to keep.

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Print Subscriptions

Similarly, we wanted to make physical subscriptions fairer too. You simply pay for one issue, which you then receive directly to your door. When the next issue becomes available, your card is automatically charged and the magazine is despatched immediately. If you later decide that Debug isn’t for you, for whatever reason, you can end your subscription at any time. You only pay for the magazines we ship, when we ship them.

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